IQUNIX x Little Prince ZX75 Sky Encounter Mechanical Keyboard
IQUNIX X Le Petit Prince ZX75 Sky Encounter
The most beautiful keyboard
75 mechanical keyboard
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
75 keyboard
Little Prince
PBT Keycaps
Multimedia Knob
Aluminum Knob
Little Prince Switch
IQUNIX X Little Prince Keyboard
Le Petit Prince
Little Prince Keyboard
Memorable Metal Keycap
Exclusive Edition Switches
Best gift for boyfriends

IQUNIX x Little Prince ZX75 Sky Encounter Mechanical Keyboard

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ZX75 Sky Encounter

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Inspired by the fox's secret in Le Petit Prince, ZX75 Sky Encounter honored the genuine friendship between the Little Prince and his dear friend, the Little Fox. Deep blues blend with moonlit yellows, intertwined with clouds, stars, and lunar elements. They gazed at each other from the clouds in the distant starry sky, and their voices could only be heard with the heart.

20240111-151831(1) (1).jpg__PID:75482944-89ae-4798-b038-9c689a69acb9

Design Language

ZX75 Sky Encounter showcases an overall deep blue tone that complements the mystery of the night sky, reminiscent of the night sky filled with brilliant stars, offering an immersive and captivating typing experience.

ZX75 Sunset Ponder (9) (1).png__PID:054ea59e-8aff-4e88-a455-3d3866666496

The orange volume knob in the upper right manages volume and play/pause, while the left-side indicator light monitors caps lock, connectivity, and more.

Multimedia Knob

ZX75 Sky Encounter (12) (1).png__PID:bc974c1f-6ad8-417d-a0e0-628da49f5c18

Provides exclusive customized Little Prince and Silent Rose switch options. Hot-swappable PCB allows you to swap new switches whenever you want.

Hot Swappable

ZX75 Sky Encounter (14) (1).png__PID:0ba0521f-4f21-4585-ac65-3bca4b10abcf

A golden aluminum keycap with the avatar of the little prince is also given inside the package. It takes into account commemorative significance and practicality.

Aluminum Keycap

Little Prince Novelty Keycaps

ZX75 Sky Encounter's keycaps use PBT with dye sublimation for a delicate touch, while the illustrations and artistic fonts vividly depict Little Prince's journey. Mac supplementary keycaps are included in the packages.

ZX75 Sky Encounter (16) (1).png__PID:4eb4d160-b6e8-40b8-9a5c-8ae3ed6d17b9
ZX75 Sky Encounter (15) (1).png__PID:753ef07b-8567-45b1-809d-d7adbd0ac793
ZX75 Sky Encounter (17) (1).png__PID:b10f6875-8d60-4fdc-b0bd-ca9cf0cc2417

Exquisite Gift Box

The keyboard's gift box, resembling a treasure chest, encapsulates "The Little Prince" essence. Illustrated with the little prince and the fox, its detailed sides and pages read like heartwarming chapters, making it an ideal, emotionally charged gift for friends, family, or loved ones.

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