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I absolutely love this keyboard! It's built with quality and feels amazing when I use it. It's aesthetically pleasing and functions well. Keep coming out with awesome designs. I look forward to buying another one. Shipment was fast. Very responsive customer service.

Rosemary L.

Y'all, I was VERY worried about spending 200 bucks on a keyboard. "What if I don't like it, they don't accept returns, I'll be stuck with something I can't stand."But then my purple beauty arrived. The Cherry Pink switches are a soft clicky dream, and the HEFT of the aluminum casing is divine. It's going to take me a little bit to get used to the spacing of the 96%, but that's a drop in the bucket of how lovely this keyboard is. I'm so happy I found a 96% that matches my aesthetic so beautiful.

Jae W.

This keyboard is probably the best one I've ever used/owned. The clacking sounds from the keys is so refreshing. Hearing them makes you want to type more, which I imagine improves productivity right? 5/5 would buy again!!

Patrick S.

Absolutely love it, really nice quality which for sure exceeded my expectations. Chose it after watching hundreds of YouTube videos on mechanical keyboards, and I think I made a great choice. Love the weight, colour and touch. Really glad that I picked the red switch as well (have used green, brown and black before). The RGB colours are adorable as well, although I don’t turn it on much. Highly recommend it!!

Yolanda L.