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For pre-build keyboards, IQUNIX just knows how to make them sound fantastic.
IQUNIX has been doing some killer stuff in the market. With the OG80 Wormhole which was like one of my favorite keyboards.


I actually really like how it sounds, they sound pretty good, these are definitely better than a lot of manufactures.What I'm really excited about is these keycaps, looks pretty good, the typing experience, the quality of the keycap materials. I'm a big fan honestly.


We also really liked using the Iqunix L80 Cosmic Traveller. It feels phenomenal to type on, with plate-mounted Cherry-style stabilizers that don’t have a hint of rattle and up to 200 days of battery life over Bluetooth with the backlight off.

The Verge

IQUNIX have been doing such a good job on delivering really satisfying pre-builts that you don't have to modify yourself to make them feel good on the figertips.

Hardware Canucks

Best prebuilt keyboard, you don't need to mod IQUNIX Keyboards.

Hipyo Tech

The ZX75 is a very good keyboard that delivers enthusiast-level features in a unique and eye-catching package. The typing experience is top-notch for a pre-built keyboard and the keycaps could easily sell on their own for a premium.


I've been using your products (2020-2023) and I can see and feel clearly that they keep improving, from the design to typing experience.I really liked this especially the keycap design. It was nice to type on than I expected.


The iQunix ZX75 is a stylish keyboard that offers a unique typing experience. Everything from the keycaps down to the accessories are done in a unique fashion. If you’re looking for a keyboard for work, gaming, or just scrolling on the internet, the iQunix ZX75 makes for a good option.

Switch & Click

A premium feel, retro, the sound is so clean.The wireless performance regardless of bluetooth or 2.4GHz is really solid, there's no lag no delay no connection issues.For Mac users and wireless user, I think this is a very solid option.

BadSeed Tech