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📌 An incorrect installation of Software may cause the appliance to malfunction.
📌Please ensure to download the file on a windows computer with a wired connection.

📌Please update the firmware with guidance from our customer service team to avoid issues from unauthorized updates.

Manual Software
(ANSI Layout Applied ONLY)
F97 Manual IQUNIX Software
ZX75 Manual
OG80 Manual IQUNIX Software
A80 Manual

Driver (with IOS & Windows)

Driver (with Android & Windows)

L80 Manual

Driver (with IOS & Windows)

Driver (with Android & Windows)

Q66 Manual IQUNIX Software
Q66 Custom Kit Manual


Q66 JSON File

F65 Manual IQUNIX Software
M80 Manual
F96 Manual F96 Driver
F60 Manual ——
Slim 87/108 Manual None
ZX-1 Manual
ZX-1 Case Compatibility
Guide to Replace Large Keys
Hot-Swap Switches Compatibility
Fronted Height comparison


Note: If the keyboard model displayed on the software page does not match the actual one, please contact to update the keyboard firmware.

Please follow the instructions with the assist from our customer service team prior to any operations.

IQUNIX shall not be liable for any special, indirect consequential, incidental or other similar malfunctions suffered by the purchaser or any third party, including, without limitation.

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