Does the keyboard compatible with macOS?

Yes, but the firmware and driver need to be set on Windows 10.

Does the keyboard have MAC keys?
Yes, all keyboards will be shipped with MAC keys. MAC keys are default.

Does the Non-RGB version have a white backlight?
No, the Non-RGB version doesn't have light at all since it's Non-LED.

Do you have an RGB version for Pink switch?
We don't have an RGB version for the pink switch.

When will you restock the F60s?
The factory has stopped production of F60s. We are preparing for the wireless version for F60-2020.

Do you have other layouts, such as AZERTY, ISO?
I'm sorry that our keyboards are currently available with standard English QWERTY layout only.

Does the wireless version has a wired function?
Yes, it supports cable and Bluetooth connection.

What's the shipping time?

Please see the detail from our Shipping Policy.

Can I have other language keycaps?
I am sorry that we don't offer customized service. If you have a large demand, please contact our business staff at alan@iqunix.store