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One day, I saw the sunset forty-four times!
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IQUNIX x Little Prince ZX75 Sunset Ponder Mechanical Keyboard

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ZX75 Sunset Ponder

"One day, I saw the sunset forty-four times!"

Inspired by the 44 sunsets in Le Petit Prince’s Journey, offers a soft and soothing color palette. The ZX75 Sunset Ponder keyboard pays homage to the breathtaking sunsets witnessed by Le Petit Prince during his celestial travels. With hues reminiscent of the golden hour, the keyboard's gentle gradients of warm color scheme evoke the tranquil ambiance of a setting sun.

20240109-150556(1) (1)(1).jpg__PID:52fb3bc2-942c-4aef-a913-33e2bdb0016a

Design Language

The overall appearance is primarily in a light beige tone, blending in elements from 'The Little Prince' tale like B612, roses, the fox, etc., showcasing exquisite attention to detail.

未命名会话0822 拷贝.jpg__PID:4eb8a361-5998-4112-88a8-45670cef150d
未命名会话0285 拷贝.jpg__PID:299c96de-cd34-45d6-9d49-61754905aeda
未命名会话0826 1 拷贝.jpg__PID:c855cbea-7928-473f-a40f-25504b7566b6

Little Prince Novelty Keycaps

Each keycap of ZX75 Sunset Ponder features warm milky white and light orange tones, evoking a romantic sunset. The rich story elements illustrations and dynamic artistic fonts interpret Little Prince's journey. The unique legends with an enjoyable textured PBT surface and KDA profile, make these keycaps look and feel great.

未命名会话0270 拷贝.jpg__PID:fff63d9b-102b-469a-8f5f-8c044d969265
未命名会话1175 拷贝.jpg__PID:044d9692-65de-4404-8fda-7cf00e4ae8e6
未命名会话1887 拷贝.jpg__PID:9265de14-044f-4a7c-b00e-4ae8e63aa7a0

Customized Gift Box

The keyboard comes in an exquisite gift box featuring the Little Prince, his cherished rose, and the loyal fox on the cover. Details from the Little Prince story adorn the sides and title page, capturing every essence. This packaging embodies the tale's spirit, showcasing heartfelt sincerity and significance, making it the perfect gift for friends, family, and loved ones.

20240124-161638 (1) (1).jpg__PID:f4c1c8ac-be72-4be6-8a60-1f32685b7181
未命名会话1097 拷贝.jpg__PID:2e775497-66e2-4ce9-b324-33af3683e29d
未命名会话1367 拷贝.jpg__PID:77549766-e2fc-4933-a433-af3683e29d3b
未命名会话1883 拷贝.jpg__PID:549766e2-fce9-4324-b3af-3683e29d3ba3
Untitled design (5).jpg__PID:b33937ee-6435-4cad-afaa-29077af24dcb

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