F97 Astral Splendor
IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince F97 Astral Splendor Mechanical Keyboard
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The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen.
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IQUNIX x Little Prince F97 Starry Tryst Mechanical Keyboard

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F97 Starry Tryst

F97 Starry Tryst

“The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen. ”

F97 Starry Tryst is inspired by the bright stars and incorporates the beautiful scenery of the little prince looking up at the stars, full of childlike fun and beauty. Starlight falls upon deserts, wheat fields, and rose gardens, in every corner where the Little Prince ventures! Looking forward to embarking on a journey to planet B612 with you!

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Design Language

The keyboard's elegant dark hues echo the mystery of the starry sky, evoking the sensation of strolling among the stars. Detailed patterns portraying the Little Prince, B-612, and other story elements adorn the keyboard, perfectly capturing the novel's enchanting world. Each keycap exudes the charm and romance of the Little Prince, transforming the keyboard into more than just a tool—a captivating work of art.

F97 Astral Splendor
IQUNIX F97 Astral Splendor Keyboard
F97 Astral Splendor mechanical keyboard
Le Petit Prince

Little Prince Novelty Keycaps

F97 Starry Tryst's keycaps feature PBT dye-sublimated for a delicate touch. The main color is deep blue, with a milky white numeric keypad, showing the mysterious beauty of the starry sky, making you feel like you are walking among the stars. The keyboard is inspired by elements such as The Little Prince and Planet B-612, and the wonderful world in the novel is perfectly presented through detailed patterns.

IQUNIX X Little Prince Mechanical Keyboard

Exquisite Gift Box

The keyboard's gift box is more than mere packaging; it's a tribute to 'The Little Prince.' Immerse in the story's spirit through its covers, sides, and pages, making it a perfect gift for loved ones seeking heartfelt connections.

Exquisite Gift Box
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