IQUNIX F97 Hitchhiker Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
F97 Hitchhiker
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Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 2.4Ghz Bluetooth 5.1
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IQUNIX F97 Hitchhiker Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Absurd Life, Don't Panic

The IQUNIX F97 Hitchhiker wireless mechanical keyboard is inspired by the novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". The model has a gray and white color scheme with a space theme and novelty keycaps to it, which makes people immerse themselves in the world of space roaming, expressing that although life is full of absurdities, we should treat life with a non-panic, relaxed, and humorous attitude.
We also have the OG80 and F65 series for this theme. Please click to get them if you are more interested in other layouts.

Quality Built With Aluminum Case

The keyboard is made of solid aerospace-grade aluminum, which has excellent build quality, making the keyboard overall more heavy-duty and textured with a durable lifespan. And the keyboard is sturdy and heavy enough not to move slightly as you type.

Fantastic Typing Experience

It's therapeutic listening to crisper mechanical sounds. An enjoyable textured PBT surface adds typing satisfaction. KDA profile with comfort slant of the keyboard reduces user fatigue. Also, the N-key rollover design prevents both key ghosting and key jamming greatly boosting typing speed and productivity with quick response and sensitive keys.

96% Layout And Ergonomic Design

Compact layout with 100 keys. It's a "full-size" keyboard that contains a number pad but frees up desk space. What's more, it emphasizes ergonomic design, forming an angle of 6° with the desktop, matching the curvature of the keycaps and the arcs of human hands, which can reduce wrist strain and fatigue and provide a more comfortable typing experience.

Tri-Mode Connection

Multiple connection modes, including Bluetooth 5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, and USB Type-C. Enjoy stable and fast responses while gaming or working. Allowing pair up to 3 devices at once and switch seamlessly between your computer, tablet, or phone with shortcut commands, which are great for multitasking. It works on Windows / macOS / iOS / Android.

Personalized RGB

Built-in dynamic RGB effect, 7 modes, and 16 million colors can light up your senses. When choosing between different effects, backlighting and various colors can add some extra personality and a cool vibe to your workspace.

Hot Swappable

Easily swap out your preferred mechanical switches on your keyboard without needing any soldering or technical expertise.

Programmable Software

You can easily customize RGB, remap keys, set macros, and more with our programmable software for your daily use free of restriction.

Long-Lasting Battery

The 4000mAh capacity Li-Po batteries last up to 260 days with a low power consumption module.

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