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IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Keyboards

IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Keyboards

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IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince

The story unfolds with...
The CEO of IQUNIX, driven by his wife's deep love for Le Petit Prince, decided to organize a wedding inspired by the beloved tale. The entire company came together to celebrate this enchanting and romantic event. The venue was adorned with a giant glass dome enclosing a single rose, set against a backdrop of a starry night sky and an assortment of asteroids resembling B-612.

Following the wedding, the corporation officially signed with Le Petit Prince, integrating its essence into the mechanical keyboard business. As a result of months of dedicated effort, five aesthetically pleasing designs emerged, accompanied by a captivating love story.

A sweet couple, a romantic love story, he's her little prince, and she's his rose. Together, they unveiled these exquisite designs to the world.

These themed keyboards incorporate the story of Le Petit Prince through great designs, referencing key moments from the book.
Let's discover more about them…

F97 Floral Date

Just as Le Petit Prince discovered a unique and cherished rose on his planet, the F97 Floral Date keyboard celebrates the significance of cultivating and cherishing meaningful relationships. Each keypress evokes the tender touch of a rose petal, infusing your typing experience with a sense of romance and wonder.


ZX75 Sunset Ponder

Inspired by the 44 sunsets in Le Petit Prince’s Journey, offers a soft and soothing color palette. The ZX75 Sunset Ponder keyboard pays homage to the breathtaking sunsets witnessed by Le Petit Prince during his celestial travels. With hues reminiscent of the golden hour, the keyboard's gentle gradients of warm color scheme evoke the tranquil ambiance of a setting sun.

ZX75 Sky Encounter

ZX75 Sky Encounter are reminiscent of the night sky filled with brilliant stars, offering an immersive and captivating typing experience. The keyboard case, with its ethereal, translucent blue hue, comes alive at night when the RGB lighting is activated.

F97 Astral Splendor

With its stunning aesthetics and exceptional performance, it will undoubtedly stand out in your workspace, just like a brilliant starry sky. Let the magical journey of "The Little Prince" accompany you with every keystroke, and experience the beauty of starlight at your fingertips.


F97 Starry Tryst

Drawing inspiration from Le Petit Prince's encounters with various planets and the ethereal beauty of the night sky, each key on the "Starry Tryst" keyboard shimmers like a distant star, inviting you to embark on a celestial journey of exploration and self-discovery.

Sound Test

Keyboard Specs







Keys Count



Case Material



Keycaps Material




Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB Type-C

Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB Type-C

Operating Systems

Windows / macOS / iOS / Android

Windows / macOS / iOS / Android

Battery Capacity

4000mAh (5V*1A)

6000mAh (5V*1A)

Battery Endurance

Up to 260 days

Up to 300 days


USB Type-C

USB Type-C


372 x 123.5 x 42 mm

346 x 151 x 44 mm

What's Inside the Gift Box

Manual ×1

Dust Cover ×1

Memorable Metal Keycap ×1

Keyboard ×1

2.4GHz Receiver ×1

Little Prince Souvenir Card ×4

USB Cable ×1

Keycap & Switch Puller ×1

Mac Supplementary Keycaps ×4

All product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancement or change.
Battery Endurance: Testing conducted by IQUNIX using a preproduction keyboard with Bluetooth connected and backlit off, and 8 hours of use per day. Operating time varies with settings and environmental factors; actual results will vary.

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