Update the 2.4Ghz dongle

Applicable models: F97/ ZX75/ OG80

This is a firmware to solve unresponsive/stuck-key issues on keyboard in 2.4Ghz modes. 

Before your update

 Please get these ready:

a. A computer (with Windows system)
b. A keyboard and the 2.4Ghz dongle
c. Download the firmware: 
Click to download the firmware


Steps to update:

a. Before updating, please disconnect the keyboard to your computer. 
If it's in wired mode, please remove the USB Cable.
If it's in wireless mode, please disconnect the keyboard to your device.

b. Plug in the 2.4Ghz dongle to a USB port on your computer

c. Open 2.4Ghz Dongle Firmware, Click the red label button to update.

d. When the numbers are the same, the update is finished.


3. Pair the updated keyboard

 a. Unplug the dongle

b. Toggle the switch to wireless mode at the bottom of your keyboard

c. Press Fn+4, to make it enter 2.4Ghz mode

d. Hold Fn+4 for 5 seconds

e. When the indicator is flashing in pink, plug in the dongle. Once the pairing is successful, the indicator will be off.


 Congratulations! You have finished the update.

*If there are any issues/difficulties during the process, please contact us via email at support@iqunix.store.